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Recaredo 'TURO d’EN MOTA' 2007

Poäng 96/100:
Mousserande vin Cava från Penedes Spanien

Recaredo has also left the Cava appellation along with the rest of the Corpinnat group. They are working to produce wines with the second fermentation in bottle without adding cane sugar, using must from their own vines and with indigenous yeasts.

Aged minimum 100 months on the lees - 100 % Xarel·lo planted in 1940

Per flaska Per låda
Antal flaskor / låda: 6
Distrikt Penedès
Druvor Xarel Lo
Årgång 2007
Fyllighet 6
Fruktsyra 10
Sötma 1
Procucenter Mousserande viner - Cava från Recaredo
Artikelnr Recaredo105
Lagerstatus I Lager (30)
Avnjutes mellan 2021 - 2031

Här redovisar och presenterar vi kända vinskribenters utlåtande om specifika viner. Utöver dessa lägger vi in en egen kommentar när vi har provat samma vin.

Jancis Robinson

Robert Parker's Wine Advocate

The still young and somewhat reticent 2006 Turó d'en Mota is from an average year—not too warm, not too cold and with normal rain—and it matured for a very long time in bottle with the lees. The nose is a great combination of baked apples, Mirabelle plums, pine needles, smoke and stones, and it has great density, structure and intense minerality, with a drying, chalky sensation on the palate. It's quite different from the 2008 Reserva Particular that I tasted next to it and represented hard competition. Today I give the edge to the Reserva Particular, but only in the style of the vintage. 4,864 bottles produced.

Recaredo has also left the Cava appellation along with the rest of the Corpinnat group. They are working to produce wines with the second fermentation in bottle without adding cane sugar, using must from their own vines and with indigenous yeasts.

Guia Penin

A unique commitment

100% Vintage Brut Nature

For almost a century, Recaredo has maintained a firm commitment: to produce terroir wines that reflect the landscapes of the Alt Penedès (Barcelona) as honestly and transparently as possible.

We make only vintage brut nature cavas with a distinctive character marked by long ageing.

Our sparkling wines have forged a truly unique styledefined by elegance and subtlety. From the vineyards to the winery, to our cellars, at Recaredo every step is audited and certified by the independent verification body Bureau Veritas, a process that attests to our unique vocation as grape growers and winemakers.

Costers del Bitlles©

Genuine terroir character

At Recaredo we farm just 50 hectares of family-owned vineyards in the Bitlles River watershed, in the county of Alt Penedès (Barcelona). The Bitlles winds its way through a varied landscape of forests, hills and ravines, including sites of great natural beauty, all dominated by the imposing presence of the mountain of Montserrat.

As grape growers and winemakers, we’ve specialised in long-aged brut nature cavas, entering into a tacit agreement with the land and tradition, a pact under which we seek to articulate truly honest stories, to express the distinctive features of the landscape through wines, vintage after vintage.

Artisans of the land

100% Organic, biodynamic agriculture

A great wine is one that reflects its land of origin. This is the reason why we practise dry farming, apply the principles of biodynamic agriculture, and cultivate our vineyards without herbicides or insecticides, using only elements of natural origin.

Biodynamic agriculture is a cultivation system aimed at achieving a balanced ecosystem and fostering biodiversity in the vineyard.

Biodynamic agriculture, which focuses on the biological dimension of farming, is an approach that enables us to produce highly expressive sparkling wines with great ageing potential. And, most importantly, it lets us do this in a way that respects the landscape where our wines originate.

Recaredo is the first producer of cava with protected designation of origin to obtain Demeter's international certification for biodynamic viticulture.

Minimum of 30 months’ ageing

Long ageing subtlety

Like sentinels waiting patiently in silence, Recaredo’s bottles remain in the darkness of our cellars for at least 30 months (two and a half years), until they achieve a truly unique character.

In the case of Recaredo’s most exclusive family wine cellars, some of our sparkling wines are aged for nearly 30 years, preserving the delicacy of time and a wealth of elegant and complex nuances.

1924. Point of departure

The beginning of an exciting story

In 1924 Josep Mata Capellades made his start in the world of cava as a disgorger and professional winemaker. He took up his pick and spade and began building cellars right under his home in the historic centre of Sant Sadurní d’Anoia (Barcelona).

This was the start an exciting story of enterpriserooted in the craft of disgorgement. As a legacy of his life experience, our grandfather left us these words: ‘Since 1924 I’ve been working on matters of champagne and other experiments.’

1924 började Josep Mata Capellades sin start i cava-världen som en disgorger och professionell vinmakare. Han tog sina verktyg och började bygga källare precis under sitt hem i den historiska stadskärnan i Sant Sadurní d'Anoia. Som ett arv från hans livserfarenhet lämnade vår farfar oss följande ord: ”Sedan 1924 har jag arbetat med frågor om champagne och andra experiment.”

Artisans of the land

Pionjärer inom biodynamisk vinodling

Biodynamisk, ett steg bortom ekologiskt jordbruk. Ett steg som tar oss närmare livet, det ständiga strävan efter balans i ekosystemet och respekt för biologisk mångfald. Ett steg som oåterkalleligt gör människan till en hantverkare av landet. För att gå framåt tar vi några steg tillbaka, observerar och lyssnar på naturen för att hitta svar. Utan kemiska gödningsmedel, utan herbicider, utan fungicider - bara element av naturligt ursprung. Eftersom det inte kan finnas några viner som fångar landskapets väsen såvida vi inte tar hand om och respekterar själva landet.

2017 · Catalonia’s Best Winery

By the Catalan Association of Sommeliers

Recaredo is recognised as Catalonia’s Best Winery 2017 by the Catalan Association of Sommeliers (ACS). The award is intended to highlight the “obsessive care and attention to detail, both in the vineyard and in the winery”, that Recaredo puts into making its cavas, and the winery’s determination “to maintain, generation after generation, a commitment to making terroir wines that reflect the Penedès landscape, championing traditional trades and craftsmanship, and achieving outstanding levels of quality”.

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